8 units betting method in the baccarat games

Many people think that the 8 units betting method is better than the 10 units betting method. 

If you only count winning and tie, the ratios are almost the same. 

However, the 8 units betting method is better because it requires less amount of principle.  The fewer the number of bets in the casino, the more beneficial it is for the players. 

The application of the 8 units betting method is as follows.

12-13 is enough for the principle. 

If it appears 62.5% of winning percentage in the first round, congratulations, you can call it a day.

If the method doesn’t win in the first round, please find another game that has the opposite deviation.  Such as, losing a few bets on the Banker. 

Finding the game that Player wins more and placing bets on Player with 8 units betting method. 

At SuperAce88, the result of using the 8 units method won’t be less than 2 : 6, unless you lose all of them.

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