What are the odds of playing games by using advanced math formulas?

Is it possible to increase the winning ratio by using the math formulas in baccarat games? The answer is Yes!!

How about 100% of winning ratio by using the math formulas?  It is impossible

If the winning ratio can reach 100%, then there will be no mathematicians in this world, let alone this game.

For example, assuming that the next game can accurately predict which one will win, which is, the winning rate is 100%.  If you win a prize in 100 games, then I think the casino should be closed.

If you bet 1000 ₱ multiples and play 1000 rounds of the game.

( The first round bet 2000 ₱ and got 4000 ₱.  The second  round bet 4000 ₱ and got 8000 ₱.  The third round bet 8000 ₱ and got 16000 ₱ ) 

The number must be quite terrifying.  The casino must be closed. 

If there is such a player in the world, it would be quite powerful, but the fact is that it does not exist.  Since there is no such person, it means that the chance of winning cannot be 100%.

What is the relationship between the winning rate and profit?  Even if the probability of winning is about 50% or 30%, using investment strategies can also be profitable.

This kind of game is to use the formula method of statistics and mathematics.  As long as the trend of SuperAce88 baccarat is accurately judged, 100% profit can be achieved.