Double Ball Roulette

The players can find the game in the Live Game EVO at SuperAce88

Different from the previous Roulette games, the Double Ball Roulette consists of 2 balls.   

The single ball has the same possibility of winning and the odds.  However, there would be 2 numbers, which is a whole new experience for the players.

Normally in the Double Ball, there are 2 options for the players to place bets on. 

In the other word, the players can place 2 bets at the same time, which provides more options for the players. 

The special part was that, when encountering these 2 situations, the odds will be the highest of the game. 

  1. When the balls stop on the same number, the odds are 1 : 35. 
  2. When the number that the players place bets on, has stopped 2 balls, the odds are 1 : 1300.

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