What are commission-free baccarat games?

SuperAce88 commission-free baccarat rules and gameplay analysis.

The gameplay of the commission-free baccarat games is basically the same with the classic baccarat games

The difference is that there’s no commission for the Banker, that is, the banker’s odds are 1 to 1, but, if the banker wins with 6 points, the odds are 1 to 0.5.

However, there’s Lucky 6 in commission-free baccarat games.  Just as the classic baccarat games.  If the player bet on Lucky 6 and the Banker wins, the players get odds of up to 12 to 1 or 20 to 1.

There are 8 places that you can place a bet on

including, Player, Banker, Tie, Player paris, Banker pairs, Lucky 6, Player natural and Banker natural.

The following is SuperAce88’s super high baccarat odds for players’ reference.

Bet on Banker wins 1 loses 1 ( If the banker wins with 6 points, needs to pay half and the bet amount will be refunded when the game is tie ) 

Bet on Player wins 1 loses 1. 

Bet on Tie wins 1 loses 8.

Bet on Banker pairs wins 1 loses 11.

Bet on Player pairs wins 1 loses 11. 

Bet on natural wins 2 loses 7. 

Bet on Lucky 6 wins 1 loses 12. ( When the Banker wins with 6 points with 2 cards (no draws required)

Bet on Lucky 6 wins 1 loses 20. ( When the Banker wins 6 points with 3 cards (draws a card)