Super Ace

The game is focused on the higher ratio of elimination. 

After the first round, “Gloden Card” will appear.  It flips and transforms to “Joker Symbol” after elimination. 

“Golden Card” can be regarded as a wild card.  It can trigger the prize with the normal cards. 

Joker cards can match up with the other Joker cards.  Maximum Payline is high up to 46656. 

Compared to the normal slot games that have 5×6 fixed boards, Super Ace has both 5 x 3 and 5 x 6 boards. 

In the other word, if the Golden Card or Joker card appears in the 5 x 3 position, there will be a higher possibility to eliminate

Since the number of boards becomes smaller, the probability will of course be maximized.

So the players can slowly wait for the special cards to appear hourly at SuperAce88

Place a higher amount of bets during the winning period.  It is not difficult to win tens of thousands of dollars.

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