The probability of winning in JILI

When playing online slot games in SuperAce88.  The winning chances are randomly calculated through the encryption and control of the computer.


The winning rate is also called (RNG) rate.

For example, if the RNG is 45, it means that the slot game will give out 45 ₱ to the players when it reaches 100 ₱.

Of course, such a calculation formula does not mean that after you invest 100 ₱, you can be sure that you will return 45 ₱ next time.

This JILI system will also be used for long-term accumulation.



If you like an online slot game, when you win the big prize in this game.  The chance of the next winner may be 7 days or 7 minutes later.  No one can predict this in detail.

In simple theory, it is easier to win at JILI games when there are many people playing this game. 


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