Five Secrets of Fish Games.  Mastering them to make more money.

1.Observing the speed of the fish and finding the right time to catch.


The swimming speed of the fish has a great relationship with our catching success rate.  Generally, the faster the fish, the lower the chance of catching.

Therefore, we can first observe the speed of the fish.  If we are dealing with the fast fish, we can predict the location where the fish will go, instead of blindly hitting its current location.


2.Letting go some fish 


If you encounter a fish that is about to run away after fighting for a long time, let it run away.  Chasing it will waste gold coins and time.  It is best to change to another target and continue hunting.


3.Avoiding large schools of fish and catching the tide. 


Generally, many players attack quickly to earn more gold coins when they see large schools of fish appearing, but the chances of catching them are a bit small. 

Therefore, SuperAce88 recommends not to waste bullets.  It  is not too late to wait until the fish tide appears before attacking.



4.Going far afield and making a little makes a mickle.


Recently, we found that many players like to hunt big fish far away, but sometimes it is difficult to catch big fish far away. 

Therefore, the recommendation is that you don’t have to focus on the big fish that are far away.  If you can’t catch it, you can consider the small fish that is closer. You can try to fight the big fish that are far away a few times.


5.The edge of the cannonballs.


Many people like to use cannonballs to hit bosses or big fish, but the effect is not very good.  The edge of the cannonball is ignored by many players. 

Many big fish are actually killed by the part of the cannonballs when they scatter.


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