What is the budget for the slot games?

Lots of players in the Philippines would get into the blind side of thinking the slot games are the games that gain lots of money from the small amount of money. 

This concept is not right or wrong.  Slot games can indeed make players gain huge wealth. 

However, don’t forget abou cold cycle that we mentioned before. 

There must be a period that the players keep on losing money, no matter in Fisher games or slot games. 

After cold cycle, you can start gaining money. 

However, according to the statistics, over half of the players quit the game during this time.  The biggest thing besides patience is the lack of budget.

We had an interview with the players that won over 100000 ₱ successfully.

It is found that the common is the initial budget amount.  From the statistics,  3000 ₱ is the best budget to play the slot games. 

It is enough to let the players get through cold cycle and raise bets hot cycle. 

In addition to choosing SuperAce88 slot games, the amount of budget is also very important!

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