Lost in two friendly matches

The Philippines keep on compounding the winning formula 

The Philippines faced Mexico yesterday.  Lost to Mexico with 84-77. 

It was also the second loss in a row in the friendly matches.

During the game, the main player Jordan Clarkson was absent.  However, the scores of both teams were neck and neck. 

The Philippines led 4 points to the second half.  The experienced Mexican player Paul Stoll started a counterattack. 

He hit eight 3-pointers and scored 17 points.  At the end of the third quarter, Mexico hit 12-2 and came back on 69-63.

Mexico hit 13 of 24 shots in this game and the hit rate was 54%.

The Philippines hit 7 of 23 shots and the hit rate was 30%. 

With the same shooting spot and the same amount of chances, the Philippines needs to have a higher hit rate. 

In the game against Montenegro the day before yesterday, the hit rate was also low so that they lost the game. 

Jordan Clarkson didn’t show up in these games. 

The coach is also considering that Jordan Clarkson might be targeted.  If he cannot show up in the game, the Philippines still need to have competitiveness. 

This is also the reason why the Philippines wasn’t nervous even though they lost 2 games. 

We believe that after the adjustment, the Philippines will score better on the FIBA Basketball World Cup this Friday. 

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