The strong teams meet, the Philippines faces Jordan

This is the most difficult game of group matching. 

The Philippines and Jordan, which are both Asian basketball powers, will face each other tomorrow on September 30th.

The 2 teams are neck and neck in terms of the World Cup result. 

SuperAce88 provides the analyst of the 2 teams for the reference. 

The Philippines has 4 wins and 1 loss, which is the 2nd place of the group.  The total average points are 84.4.  Scoring ability ranks among the top in Asia.

For the opponent points per game is 71.2.  The ability of defense is stable. 

Although the result of the World Cup wasn’t good for the Philippines, the performance was quite great.  We believe that the players who have been focusing on the games know that they did not catch the feeling in the group matching and lost every game by less than 10 points.  It can be said to be very unfortunate.  Eventually qualified for the Olympics due to the victory of the game with China.

Jordan has 3 wins and 2 losses, which is the 4th place of the group.   The total average points are 81.6. For the opponent points per game is 75.2.

It wasn’t bad in terms of defense and offense. 

Jordan beat India with 35 points ahead and got 2 wins.  Jordan easily defeated the opponent India with a significant gap in strength.

The overall performance of Jordan was quite good.  When the data of both teams are similar, we still believe that the Philippines is performing better than Jordan in terms of gaining points and opponent points.

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