The weakest USA team?

The USA beat Puerto Rico with 43 points

In 2023 World Cup Men’s Basketball,  USA team only got 4 players that had selected to the NBA All-Star Game.  

Even head coach Steve Kerr took the task for the first time.  

SuperAce88 The set of the arrangement wasA series of arrangements that made fans criticize that the team is undoubtedly the weakest in history. 

After the USA team got 7th place on the last World Cup, immediately avenge the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics. 

However, the Paris Olympics will be held in 2024, only a year from the World Cup.  Many NBA players only want to prepare for the Olympics next year. 

Not willing to play in the World Cup and resulting in the current situation.

The USA beat Puerto Rico with 117-74 recently, as well as the end of the 5-day World Cup training camp. 

After the game, the head coach Steve Kerr was satisfied with his effort for the game. 

A 6-week preparation will follow with the goal of winning World Cup gold in the Philippines.

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