WBNA will lead the world to refocus on women’s basketball

the Philippine women’s basketball will catch up with men’s basketball in Asia

The Golden State Warriors, which won the NBA championship 7 times, is the most successful team in the past 10 years. 

The news that they are entering the WNBA is not groundless rumor.

Finally, today WNBA approved the Golden State Warriors to expand the team.  In 2025, the Warriors will join officially. 

The league champion is Las Vegas Aces currently.  A team in the same system as the NBA San Antonio Spurs. 

The new WNBA team of the Golden State Warriors will be trained in the Chase Center in Auckland.  The name is probably after the Golden State. 

In the other word, they might lead the world to refocus on women’s basketball.

Everyone knows that the Philippines is high in the Asian basketball rankings.

Basketball is also the sport that most people focus on.  

In fact, the Philippines ranked 6th place in women’s basketball.

Although they lost to Japan in the Asian Games in Hangzhou and couldn’t enter the semi-final.  But they are actually a great team. 

When women’s basketball teams become more popular in the future, world attention, basketball competence and business investment will change the future women’s basketball market.

We hope that the women’s basketball in the Philippines will be better and score higher. 

SuperAce88 hopes that the women’s basketball will catch up with men’s basketball and bring the opportunity to win the medals.

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