1326 betting method

Compared to all the skills in baccarat games, the 1326 betting method is a flexible and interesting betting method. 

The following are the rules, 

In the first round, the player needs to place x1 bets.  If the player wins, place x3 bets on the second round. 

If the player loses, place x1 bet and restart again.

If the SuperAce88’s player wins in the second round, place x2 bets on the third round. 

Placing x6 bets on the fourth round no matter the result of the third round. 

The calculation is the following.

The first round place x1 bet. 

The second round placed x3 bets.  1 for your principal for the first round. 1 for winning the first round. 1 for the adding up bets.  The total is 3. 

The third round placed x2 bets.  4 will be saved as the prize and 2 will be the principal from the first and the second rounds out of 6. 

The fourth round placed x6 bets.  2 is the principle of the previous round.  2 is the prize that you won.  2 for the adding up bets.  Total will be 6.

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