The secret that experienced baccarat game players don’t tell

The phrase and gameplay from the experienced players can be divided into 2 points.

These are the rules that SuperAce88 provides for the players. 

When the dragon tail appears, there must be Tie.  If the Banker continuously wins 4 times, it is called dragon tail.  After the Banker wins 4 times, there is a great possibility that Tie appears. 

The road will break if the dealer changes.  When we are following roads, such as Jumping for B/P, Jumping for BBPP, dragon tail, large cards, etc.  As long as the dealer changes, there’s a high chance to win if you bet the opposite side

When you follow the road to the 10th round, there’s a high chance to break on the 10th round. 

Above are the 3 main winning skills in baccarat games that SuperAce88 analyzed for all the members.

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