Baccarat’s Expected Value

We continue with the math to explain baccarat.  Starting by understanding the baccarat’s expected value.


Expected value refers to the long-term game, the amount of money that can be earned every 100 ₱, which does not mean the money that can be earned every time you bet 100 ₱, but the long-term average result



Basically, the expected value in SuperAce88 is about 43 ~ 63% and it can be converted to earn about 42 ~ 63 ₱ for every 100₱. 

Let’s analyze in detail the banker’s expected value is about 98.87% and the player’s expected value is 98.63%.

By understanding the numbers, as long as the strategy is used properly, it is actually simple to gain profits in SuperAce88 baccarat games.


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