Stop loss in baccarat games.

Before each entry, make a stop loss plan to protect your principal, so that you will have the principal to participate again when the opportunity arises.


Stop loss means to stop losing and its purpose is to control the amount of loss.


The so-called stop loss point means that when the principal falls to a certain price, it is necessary to exit immediately.

The position of realized loss prevents the loss from continuing to expand.



The percentage stop loss method is to stop loss and exit the game when the principal drops by a certain percentage.


Most SuperAce88’s players will take a 10% drop in principal as a stop loss point, while aggressive players will be less than 10%. 

For example, the principal carried in a game is 1000 ₱, the remaining 100 ₱ is the stop loss.  At this time, it will take time to use 100 ₱ to return the principal.


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