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The Relationship Between Math and Baccarat Card Counting


How to win in Baccarat? 

First of all, we need to understand why we are counting cards. The purpose of card counting is to predict the cards that will be played next mathematically. 

For example, in Black Jack, when the number of 5s and 6s in the shoe is reduced, it is very beneficial to the player.

After counting this, the card counter will definitely double the bet. What’s the reason?

Because 5 and 6 are the cards that the players least want to get.  Adding 10 to 5 and 6 easily becomes 15, 16.  The number 15, 16 can be said to be the worst card in Black Jack.



Key points of card counting


But don’t do this at a Black Jack table, beware of being called in for questioning! When you’re ready, let’s count the cards!

The card counting method is as follows, 

When cards are displayed, A, 2, 3, please add 1 card. 

When a card is displayed, 4, please add 2 cards. 

When cards are displayed 5, 7, 8, please subtract -1.

When a card is displayed 6, please subtract -2. 

 When cards are displayed 9, 10, J, Q, K, neutral. 



There is no mathematical explanation of how to play the Baccarat game so far.


However, I said “not yet”. Baccarat’s bankruptcy means that we still believe that there’s a possibility that it will be explained in the future.

If you are used to looking at score cards , you might as well use the card counting and score cards together. Dear viewers, thank you for watching the video.

But you think it’s over?

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