SuperAce88 Martingale strategy

If you want to make a profit in SuperAce88’s baccarat games, it is not as simple as betting money casually, there are also skills in SuperAce88.


Including characteristic gameplay, various odds, betting methods, etc.  Just like the stock market, you must first look at the company’s trend, rise and fall, and financial statements before deciding whether to buy this. 

In SuperAce88 baccarat, the most recommended thing to learn at the beginning is the betting method.  Why?

Because only when you can control your betting principle, you have the chance to use your skills to win!

Does anyone know there was a “must win” baccarat technique, the so-called “Martingale strategy”.

The so-called “Martingale strategy” is actually an investment strategy.

To put it simply, it is to increase the bet 2 times every time you lose.  Keep adding when until you win. 

First, please start with  100 ₱. 

If you win, please bet  100 ₱ on the next round. 

But if you lose, please bet  200 ₱ on the next round.  If you win 200 ₱, the previous  100 ₱ could be offset.  ( 200 – 100 = 100) 

If you lose  100 ₱ and another 200 ₱, please bet 400 ₱.  If you win 400 ₱, you will still gain 100 ₱. 


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