What’s the pairs in baccarat games in SuperAce88?

Baccarat Beginner Betting on Pairs


In baccarat games, betting on pairs is to increase the different aspects and diversity of gameplay.

The so-called betting on a “pair” is to bet on whether there will be a pair of cards among the first two cards shown on “Banker” or “Player”.

A pair is identified as (same side result)

AA 22 33 44 55 66 77 88 99 1010 JJ QQ KK

When betting on “pair”, you must choose to bet on “banker pair” or “player pair”. And the odds are about one to eleven.



About Banker and Player


When many players bet on “pair”, they will bet on both “banker” and “player” at the same time.

There are even a few people who like to bet on the so-called “three treasures”, that is, betting on the “banker”, “pair” and  “tie”.

This kind of gambling method is expected to bet on all three of them.  You can get a very considerable return.  Even if you get one of the three, there are still good odds. 

The players of SuperAce88 all know that the probability of “tie” is low.   The probability of a “pair” is extremely low.

However, there are many experienced players who can really catch the probability of pairs in SuperAce88.  They will be rewarded very well every time they make a big bet when a pair is likely to be shown.


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