Advanced betting techniques for the Fan Tan

Lots of players ask if there is any recommended technique for the Fan Tan. 

SuperAce88 recommends the 642 betting method, which is the most popular betting method. 

For the players who like to play safe or new to Fan Tan, they can use the 642  betting method to place bets.  

Placing 6 ₱ in the first round.  If the player wins, place 4 ₱ in the next round.  If the player keeps winning, place 2 ₱ in the next round.  If the player wins 3 times a row, place the initial bets, which is 6 ₱ in the next round. 

If the players lose any round during the game, they need to start again with the initial bets. 

If the result is a tie, keep placing the same bets from the last round. 

Even if the payout isn’t high by using this method, the risk is lower.

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