Advanced card counting skills in NiuNiu live at SuperAce88

When it comes to card counting, is there any formula in NiuNiu?  It is very important to understand the formula and the possibility!

We can find it from the odds.  For example, the odds of 5P is 1 : 5.  The possibility of 5P to win is ⅙ when the players win. 

It means that the dealer presupposes that you will win once if you lose five times. In this way, the winning probability of all card types can be calculated.

For example, the odds of 5P is 1 : 5, the possibility of 5P to win is ⅙ .

If the odds of NIU-NIU is 1 : 4. the possibility of NIU-NUI to win is ⅕. 

If the odds of Big Points is 1 : 3, the possibility of Big Point to win is ¼. 

If the odds of Small Point is 1 : 2, the possibility of Small Point to win is ⅓. 

Even if we understand the multiple of NiuNiu, we still need to know how to raise the winning possibility

The way that can raise the winning possibility is to place bets on the dealer all the time.

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