The 13 method in Baccarat Live at SuperAce88

Recently, lots of people are studying The 13 method of the baccarat game. 

SuperAce88 organized the betting ways of The 13 method.

There are a total of 13 bets. 

We believe that there are players that like to use the Super Martingale System.   Even the Super Martingale System is hard to break.  The players can also see that they are making profits.  However, once it breaks, the players might lose all the earnings in a week or two.

According to the Law of large numbers, the average winning probability of 13 methods is 51.11%, calculated with the data of 10 shoes. 

But this method is bumpy.  The problem is whether the players’ principal can withstand being bumpy. 

SuperAce88 suggests the players to select the methods that you are familiar with, since each method still has a large number of supporters.

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