Analysis of the live Roads.

The Roads in the Roulette are recording the result of each round. 

Whether it is in baccarat, dragon and tiger, or some popular racing cars, airships, etc. in China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.  All need to rely on the record of the game.

So the players can get more information, or they will place bets randomly on the next round. 

Roads are playing a very important role in the casino. 

Although the Roads are the results of the game, not all the gameplays recorded on the Roads.  Mostly, the ones that get recorded are the most popular ones or worth observing

 For Roulette, most SuperAce88 people play in 3 ways, large/small, even/odd and red/black.  Therefore, the Roads for the Roulette are these three kinds. 

It is easier for the players since the main results are these three.

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