The skills of playing Roulette by the experienced players

First, do not believe the Roulette group. 

There are many people who see the ads of the Roulette group on FB.

 Do not join the group.  Even if there’s no forcing to place bets like they do, there are many people that only wait and follow the teacher without thinking.  Then you just wait for a loss!

They can see all of the bets that you place and control the other side of the game.  When you start thinking that you are winning the game, it is the time that they start gaining money from you!

So the new players must not foolishly think that they can get rich immediately!

Second, choose the lower odds. 

In Roulette, betting on large/small, even/odd, red/black have the lower odds.  But why do we need to play the lower odds?

The reason is that, even if the odds are lower, the winning ratio is higher, which is at least 47.37%.

So the players that choose this method have the lowest house edge.  Therefore, the players that play safe.  The best method for them is choosing the lower odds. 

Third, choose the European Roulette

In American Roulette, there is an additional number, which is 00.   It leads to more results of winning.  Cutting down the winning chances of other numbers or other forms of gameplay. 

The lower the chance of winning, the less likely it is to get the number that you bet. 

Compared to the American Roulette, choosing the European Roulette is the best for the players at SuperAce88.

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