Analysis of Winning Rate of Roulette

First, Roulette is a game that has a house edge. 

No matter if you are playing European Roulette or American Roulette, even if the players place bets on large/small, even/odd, red/black, three of the highest ratios of winning, the banker’s winning rate is still way higher than the players. 

In the other words, Roulette is unlike poker cards where you can count cards to predict the next bet.  The only way for the players to win is by reading the Roads and using the Roulette betting method. 

SuperAce88 has introduced the Roads before.  Next, we will talk about the Roulette betting method and how to win by using this method. 

Roulette is not about choosing the gameplay of the Roulette.  It is about the amount of the bets on each round. 

Everyone needs to know that the winning time is when the ball stops.  So each round’s duration is way longer than the other games. 

If you spend lots of time but lose in the end, it is definitely not worth it. 

The key to winning is skill of betting on each round and expanding the conversion rate of each bet amount.  That’s the way to break Roulette

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