DragonTiger Live

We believe that the players are familiar with the game DragonTiger Live.

There are many players who do not know how to raise the possibility of winning.  Even though there are many options to place bets on in the DragonTiger. 

But SuperAce88 suggests the new players to place bets on Dragon or Tiger.  Since the winning ratio of Dragon or Tiger could be seen on the road down below.  

Even though the odds of tie and suited tie are 1 : 11 and 1 : 50, it is very hard to predict.  Also, the ratio of tie to appear in a row is very low, not to mention suited tie. 

The colors of the DragonTiger Live are noted as red and yellow.  The red represents the Dragon and the yellow represents the Tiger. 

 A represents the lowest point and K represents the highest point.  

It is also a form of a shoe of cards.

The players don’t have to calculate the possibility of the cards since the result is determined with a single card on each side and shown after the bets placed. 

Even though the players count the ratio of the cards, they cannot count the ratio of the higher cards that will appear on which side. 

We suggest the players keep track of the road on the right corner.  

The best way to play the game is to place bets on the side that follows the road.

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