Lightning Blackjack

The rule is the same with the BlackJack. 

We believe that it is lots of players’ favorite game. 

However, the online Lightning BlackJack adjusted the game to compete only against the dealer. 

Normally, in the BlackJack, the odds are quite high in both 10 points and 21 points. 

In Lightning BlackJack, the odds are considered by the numbers.  It is an advantage for the players who keep on playing BlackJack. 

The odds of numbers from 4 to 17 are 2x. 

The odds of number 18 are 3x. 

The odds of number 20 are 5x.

The odds of number 21 are 8x. 

The odds of BJ, which is one A and four 10, J, Q, K, are 12x. 

SuperAce88 suggests the new players not to hit if the hand cards are 13 to 16 points.  Unless the players are good at counting the ratio of 21 points appears and hit to get better odds. 

For the new players and the data, these points are enough to win.

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