Crazy Time A

We believe that everyone has seen the wheel games.  The rule is to choose a number and see if it is the same with the result.

Crazy Time A adding a variety of options for the players to win. 

The SuperAce88’s players can choose to place bets on 1, 2, 5, 10, cash hurt, coin flip, pachinko and crazy time.  The numbers have corresponding odds.  After the results reveal each time, the 2×2 slot game will reveal the odds. 

As long as the result is the number that the player places bets on, the odds could be from 2x to 100x. 

If the player chooses 10 and wins 10 x 100, the prize will be initial bets x 10 x 100.

If the wheel stops at cash hurt, coin flip, pachinko or crazy time, it can trigger different ways of payouts.  

Such an interesting game can only be found in SuperAce88. 

The players who are interested, don’t miss the game Crazy Time A.

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