Skills of the SicBo live in SuprAce88.

The game went viral in the second half year of 2023.

SuperAce88 has investigated hundreds of experienced players.  There are some skills for the new players to take a look at. 

Being familiar with the rules and the odds between different bets.  Also, selecting the proper time to place a bet. 

Do not pursue too much on the higher odds and spread the betting risk


Control the amount of the bets.  Do not place too many bets on a single round to avoid losing all the principles at once. 

Stay calm in the game.  Do not place bets when the emotion isn’t stable.  Place the bets reasonably and responsibly. 

By using the promotion from SuperAce88 can reduce the stress and gain more chances. 

Do not go after the money that you lost.  Stay calm even when you are losing money.  Don’t let your emotions affect your decision-making.

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