The untold secret of the baccarat game, split card analysis.

Baccarat skills are easy to learn, as long as you practice repeatedly, you can quickly understand them!


At the beginning, pay attention to Banker and the player’s position.  They are on a single column or a double column.

See whether it is player or banker, then, this row is on a single row.

Make use of three columns to record each card.  If the player wins, it will be on  odd columns.  If the banker wins, it will be on even columns. 

We can divide the cards into four groups, 0 points, small, medium and large.

0 points means the card is zero 10 ~ K.

Small is 123, medium is 456 and large is 789

The average value of each group is 0=3.80. 

The small, medium and large are 2.85.



Just remember these numbers and record them in each game.  You can roughly analyze the proportion of big and small cards that appear.

Then use this ratio to analyze the probability of the dealer’s winning, which can greatly increase the winning rate of baccarat.

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