SuperAce88 initiates free commission baccarat games

According to the winning rate of Banker and Player.

Betting on Banker is the best option since it has the “house edge”. 

There have been casinos that have undergone statistical analysis.  It showed that for the long term, the winning rate of Banker will be over 50%.  It is not a good thing to a casino. 

In fact, in the process of seemingly large amounts of money coming and going, what the casino will eventually earn is the so-called “house edge”.  The small percentage is the source of funds for the casino.

So the players will be charged a 5% commission if they bet on Banker and win money.  How to choose between Banker and Player is based on the players’ experiences. 

SuperAce88 offers free commission baccarat games In order to give back to the players.  In the other words, there is no 5% commission and the odds will be 1 : 1. 

That’s also the reason why many players play baccarat games at SuperAce88.

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