The ratio of Extreme Texas Hold’em

There are 169 possibilities for the openhand.  Only 5 sets of cards are considered the best sets, which are AA, KK, QQ, AK (flush), JJ.

If the SuperAce88’s players get the best set on the openhand, such as A pair or K pair, which only gets 2.1% of possibilities. 

That is to say that the player gets the best cards on the openhand.  It is suggested to raise, since the possibility of other players or dealer to get the best cards is very low. 

After flopping the cards, you only need one card to make a flush.  The possibilities of getting the straight flush is 34.97%. 

If you want to play safe, you can suppose that other players or dealer get bigger pairs.  Choosing to check the cards is the better option. 

If the players need 2 specific cards to win, the possibilities of getting the cards is 0.3%. 

In other words, it is suggested to fold rather than hoping to get better cards.

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