Why are there so many people playing Roulette? Is the odd hight?

There are more and more people playing Roulette as a way of making money at SuperAce88

Everyone is asking, why is this game so popular? Is the odd high? 

Let us explain the odds of Roulette to you. 

Line bets :1 : 5

Corner bets : 1 : 8

Street bets : 1 : 11

Split bets : 1 : 17

Straight up : 1 : 35

Large/Small, Even/Odd. Red/Black : 1 : 1 

Dozen bet and Column bet : 1 : 2

Everyone knows that the higher the odds are, the harder the winning is.

However, as long as it appears on the wheels.  There is a possibility to win. 

Many players start to learn the skills and possibilities and find out that it is profitable.

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