Niu Niu

The popular game all over Asia NiuNiu not only showed up in the slot games at SuperAce88, but WM Live also provides live NiuNiu. 

The players can choose between player 1 to 3 and compare the hand cards with the dealer. 

For the odds, 5 JQK are 1 : 4.75, Niu are 1 : 2.85, Niu from 7 to 9 points are 1 : 1.90 and the big points are 1 : 0.95. 

The special part is that during each bet, the system would record all of the results for the players’ reference. 

Based on the history, the players can decide whether to choose 1, 2 or 3. 

Also, the game doesn’t require you to take turns to be the dealer.  If the player plays the dealer during bad luck, there might be a situation to lose money in a row of 3 players. 

The game NiuNiu can be set up by the players’ situation. 

NiuNiu in SuperAce88 is a great choice for the players who set up takeprofit and stop-losses.

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