Explore the charm of the SuperAce88 fishing machine.

Popularity of SuperAce88 Fishing Machine.


Fishing machines are a very popular game in recent years.  It has been popular for nearly 8 years.  It is really about longevity and madness.

In fact, the fishing machine was not a fishing machine at first.  It was a goldfish fishing game passed down from Japan.

It will become the current fishing machine because many engineers have seen the money it attracts.  They reset the goldfish fishing game to evolve into the current fishing machine. 

The Fishing Machine turns into a Shark Shooting Machine

It became popular in an instant. It has spread to various fields, from online PCs to mobile games, and even casinos have their own fishing game.

Let’s explore the charming and unknown side of the fishing machine together!





The SuperAce88 fishing machine was originally used for leisure and entertainment games.  When it originally passed to China from Japan.  It used to be a fish fishing game with nets like the one in the night market.

But the engineer turned it into a game where you can use cannons to attack fish and you can get corresponding rewards, which is more exciting in experience.


Easy to play with


Fishing machines for various fishing games, mobile games, or other games derived from it, etc.

The rule of this game is simple and easy to play with, so that it can quickly become popular among various consumer groups.  Also, because the graphics of the fishing machine are very easy to understand.

It can easily cross the language barrier and become popular all over the world. With the information and the communication of the Internet, JILI makes fishing machines more popular. 


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