Are there any give away fish in the FIsher Games at SuperAce88?

Of course there are give away fish.  SuperAce88, as the most favored fisher games provider, will tell you the bonus fish on the fishing games will almost always appear near the turret.  The give away fish swim very, very slowly.  Almost all SuperAce88 players’ hitting rate is nearly 99%.

This is the time that fischer games give bonuses to the players in SuperAce88.

As for when you can use large cannons , that is when small cannons start to hit fish!

At this point, the cannons start to launch a fierce attack. They can quickly gather the give away fish and directly attack the large fish in the back row.

In the same way, when the cannon can’t hit the fish, you can switch to the small cannon and start slowly.  Wait until the time has passed before switching, to reduce losses and enlarge profits.