How to play SuperAce88 Fisher games more effectively?

Basically, almost all types of fish are surrounded by weak points, which are fins or gills.

You can attack higher spots.  No matter what kind of fish, remember to keep the cannonball parallel to the fish and attack the sides of the fish.  This is also a very important fisher game skill.

After attacking the right spots, the blood of the fish will be affected by the cycle of the fisher game.  For example, It’s very difficult to kill the fish during the biting point period.  Some of the players don’t know the game and keep attacking.  However, the chips are losing quickly. 

Therefore, players can watch those people who are wasting cannonballs while resting.

After the biting points period, it is easier to kill the fish with small cannonballs. 

Everyone gets anxious in the game and attacks the fish quickly.  

SuperAce88 suggests that the players can take it easy. 

With skill, it’s easier to win.  Also, patience and mindset are also the key to getting rich.