Anthony Davis scored 26 points and won the Jazz

During the per-season, the Lakers faced the Jazz, which was led by Filipino NBA star Jordan Clarkson. 

As the home team, the Lakers showed strong power in the first quarter.

Although the Jazz was performing well, Anthony Davis showed dominance in the lane and ended with 32-17.

The Jazz scored 24 points during the second quarter.  As the Asia NBA star Rui Hachimura scored 6 rebounds. 

After the first half, the teams ended with 62-41 and the Jazz was 21 behind. 

During the second half, Anthony Davis and D’Angelo Russell scored double-doubles.

They scored 40 points in a single quarter and caught the Jazz off guard. 

The Jazz struggled to catch up all the way, but couldn’t turn the game around.  The game ended with 131-99. 

Anthony Davis scored 26 points and 16 rebounds and D’Angelo Russell scored 20 and 8 rebounds during the game. 

Although there were 5 players in the Jazz scoring double-doubles, Jordan Clarkson only hit 7 points, so that they didn’t win the game.

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