The Warriors did not sign Dwight Howard

the former NBA star needs to find another way

Dwight Howard, the eight-time NBA All-Star and three-time Defensive Player of the Year, had no hope of joining the NBA Warriors.

He recently worked out with Draymond Green and Chris Paul.

When everyone was expecting that he would join the Warriors with a 2.64 million basic salary, the famous NBA reporter Shams Charania said that the Warriors did not sign Dwight Howard.

Back in 1960, the Warriors, led by Wilt Chamberlain, used to create a strong team with the best center.

After that, Stephen Curry reformed the team and let the Small ball changed the NBA history. 

There are only 2 centers in the Warriors, Trayce Jackson-Davis and JaMychal Green.

The interesting part is that they can not only play center, but also power forward.

Due to the Run and gun in recent years, the former greatest center Dwight Howard couldn’t even get the basic salary of the Warrior. 

For Dwight Howard, who followed the Lakers to win the first NBA championship, winning the championship might not be the first goal.  

Therefore, rumor has it that he will find a team to sign for next season in the Asian League.

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