Hangzhou 2023 Asian Games is starting off

The Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games was postponed due to the epidemic.

The game will be held on September 23rd to October 8th. 

After the adjustment of the Philippine team, we hope that there will be a better score.  This is also the outpost of the Olympics.

The Asian men’s basketball teams are as follows,

Group A includes Iran, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates.

Group B includes China, Lebanon, Chinese Taipei, Mongolia.

Group C includes Jordan, Philippines, Bahrain, Thailand.

Group D includes Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Qatar.

The Philippines was assigned to group C.  Facing Jordan (37), Bahrain(84), Thailand (94). 

The Philippines (24) needs to be in third place to enter the quarterfinals.

From the ranking, the Philippines must win this time.  However, the team needs to be adjusted eventually.  Tomorrow, September 14th, the Philippines will start the training. 

SuperAce88 can start analyzing the game after the Philippines announced the list of players joining the Hangzhou Asian Games.

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