HDP and draw

HDP and draw” is betting on win, draw and lose after calculating handicap in a 90 mins full-time ( including stoppage time) game.

Handicap” means the factors between 2 teams, such as the advantages and disadvantages of the home and away games, the strength of the team itself, the recent game results, and rankings.

Therefore, the official will use “handicap” to adjust the balance of victory and loss between the two teams.

In SuperAce88, the handicap team has a + or – above.  When +2 shows up, it means Home receives 2 balls from Away.  When -2 appears, it means Home gives 2 balls to Away.

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For example

Home, FC Bayern Munich -1 

Away, Fotbal Club CFR

When the result of the game is 0 to 0, then after calculating the handicap, the Home team is -1 to 0.  The Away team wins. 

One of the features of SuperAce88 football betting is the players can choose the games that they want to place bets on.  Also, they can choose one or multiple passing ways. 

In other words, the players can place bets on different games to gain higher prizes.  That is the real leverage.