The Philippines lost to Italy by 7 points

The fourth loss for the Philippines

At 8 pm on August 29th, the most important group match of the Philippines had come.  If this game is won before the start of the game and be aware of the difference in winning points, the Philippines may successfully qualify as the second place in the group.

The Philippines faced Italy, which is ranked 10 in the world.  The first quarter ended 23-2, which was led by the Philippines. 

However, Italy hit 12 points in the second quarter.  The Philippines only scored 2 points in the second half.  The result was 83-90.  This was the fourth loss to the Philippines.  

7 out of 9 players in the Italian team scored in double-double.

On the contrary, the Philippines changed the players frequently.  There were in total 12 players in the game. 

Aside from the star Clarkson scoring 23 points and 7 rebounds and Dwight scoring 14 points, the other players didn’t perform well. 

SuperAce88 thinks that the coach changed the players frequently.  In a higher level event like the World Cup, it is difficult for the players to get back their feelings in a short period of time. 

This would slow down the team and show the outbreak in defense.  The opponents will immediately widen the gap.

At the end of the group matches, the Philippines lost to Dominican Republic, Angola and Italy by 6 points, 10 points and 7 points.

From score differences, the Philippines lost the game with small points, which was the saddest thing for all Filipino fans.

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