NBA coach Chris Paul might play reserve

After the Golden State Warriors lost the games, they have changed a lot during the off season. 

They sent off Jordan Poole in exchange for star coach Chris Paul.

Warriors think it was a well thought out decision.  The team really needs some changes. 

Also, they believe that the coming of Paul will bring the victory of the Warriors. 

There is no doubt that Paul is a great Hall of Fame player, no matter if he is playing starter or bench.

Many people are also speculating on the possibility that the Warriors will transfer Paul to the bench player. 

According to the character, SuperAce88 has the same analysis.  He is now 38 years old. 

From his previous team, The Phoenix Suns, it is not hard to see that the exhaustion of physical energy is the main reason for Paul. 

Warriors officials announce that they will try their best to put out the best team every season and they will not hesitate to spend sky-high salaries.  “We have only one goal, and that is to win the NBA Championship with all our strength.”

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