New rules on the NBA 2024 season

We believe everyone knows that the season in the NBA contains Preseason, Regular Season, postseason and Finals.

The result of the preseason would not be counted in the record.  Many players will consider the preseason as a run-in time with the team. 

For the players who place bets on the preseason might lead to the unstable winning or losing, causing players to lose money, since the main players retained their strength and did not show up, the players’ running-in training and other factors.

Only 82 games per team in the regular season, postseason, and finals are relatively stable

The NBA has announced the new rules for the 2024 regular season. 

The championship in the regular season also has the elements of the championship game, which is equivalent to two league championships in the NBA in a year. 

What kind of chemical reaction will this new rule have?  SuperAce88 will continue to track it, and tell all the players as soon as possible.

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