Paris Olympics, the home country, France prepares to form the best team

France was in 18th place after the FIBA World Cup.  It was a huge difference between the score of the World Cup.

As the home country of the Olympics, France is qualified whether the place and scores.

The NBA San Antonio Spurs star Victor Wembanyama announced that he will attend the Paris Olympics and he vowed to lead the team to win the Olympic gold medal.

In fact, Wembanyama planned to join the FIBA World Cup.  However, after discussing with the Spurs, he didn’t join the game but focused on preparing for the new season of NBA.

The French might form the strongest team.  Not only Wembanyama, but also NBA star Timberwolves  Rudy Gobert and 76ers Joel Embiid.

Also, there are some experienced NBA players, including Knicks Evan Fournier,  Celtics Guerschon Yabusele, Clippers Nicolas Batum and Nets Yakuba Ouattara.

The above 7 players are all French players who are currently playing or have played in the NBA.

This is the prediction of the team by SuperAce88.

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