Spain is gaining power? Does the World Cup champion belong to Spain?

Spanish team led by Alexia Putellas, a well known as the best female football player nowadays.  

Putellas won FIFA Women’s Player of the Year and Ballon d’Or two years in a row. 

Not only is she the leader of the Spanish team, but the leader of Barcelona in the club. 

She helped Barcelona to win LaLiga 7 times, UEFA Champions League twice and 6 Copa del Rey. 

Since Putellas has been the main player of the Spanish team, Spain, which was originally devastated in women’s football, first entered the European Cup finals in 2013 after 16 years and played in the World Cup for the first time in 2015.

However, the best score that Spain has was the France women’s national football team round of 16 in 2019.  It is still far from the championship. 

SuperAce88 thinks that the reason is that, aside from Putellas, the other players’ all-round abilities aren’t high enough. 

Although the locations of the FIFA Women’s World Cup are Australia and New Zealand.  The weather and food are not not far from Spain.  

However, it is still hard for Spain to win the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

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