The last game in Jones Cup

The Philippines lost to U.S.The last game in Jones Cup

On Sunday, August 20th, the Philippines faced and lost to the U.S. with 61-115.

This was the last game of the 42nd William Jones Cup.

After defeating Japan yesterday, the Philippines faced the US at 3 pm the next day. 

In the first quarter, Emilis BUTKUS shot three for three on the three-point, which scored 26 : 6. 

However, during the second quarter, the Philippines players bridged the gap to 10 points. 

In the second half, even though Gian Rober MAMUYAC scored 9 points for the team, the gap between the bench players was huge.

Derin SARAN and D evin TILLIS scored 30 points. 

The Philippines lost to the US by 54 points. 

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