Terrafirma Dyip needs to make a hard choice by determining the first place

The candidate list of PBA Draft had broken the record to the number of 128. 

Including NCAA and NBA player Stephen Halt, is expected to join the PBA Draft.  He is also the most expected 1st place winner. 

Stephen Halt has revealed that he is ready to play for his country during an interview with CNN Philippines sports. 

31-year-old Filipino-American player Stephen Holt played the League in Australia, Spain, Poland, Kazakhstan and Slovenia after the NCAA and NBA ended.  His average score was  11.3 points, 3.0 rebounds, 2.2 assists and 1.2 steals, which can be said to be an all-round guard.

He has learned many precious experiences through playing in the League for many years. 

He led Basketball Nymburk to the championship in Czech Republic League when 17.

However, as a 31-year-old shooting guard, whether Terrafirma Dyip wants to sign him up is the most important topic of this year’s Draft. 

It will be a challenge for Terrafirma Dyip, which lost all 11 games last season, to balance team training and passing down the experiences.

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