The thing that the Philippines needs to focus on

In terms of the score of this Basketball World Cup, the Philippines, the team with home advantage, didn’t play well. 

The new coach Tim Cone said that winning the gold metal isn’t the point currently

Winning the gold metal is still the main goal but not for now. 

The Philippines is focusing the training for the strategies for today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. 

 What needs to be done today, what needs to be done tomorrow, and what to prepare for the day after tomorrow, this is what the Philippine team needs now.

The team will face Korean LG Sakers for the exhibition game on Friday, September 22nd and get ready for the game in China. 

The head coach mentioned that the Philippines doesn’t need to perform the best but we need to perform the best with the first game with Bahrain.

The Asian Games are the second event of this year.  Based on the previous score and the pressure, it will level up the Philippines team, 

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