The NBA Clippers’ Big Three dream was broken, James Harden would stay in the Sixers

The NBA Sixers star James Harden revealed that he wanted to get traded to the Clippers and formed the Big Three with Paul George and Russell Westbook. 

But the two sides couldn’t come to an agreement.  Harden won’t be heading to the Clippers.  The bigger chance is that he will stay in the Sixers for the new season. 

After the Clippers knew that the Sixers would keep James Harden, they dropped the thoughts of trading before the season.  They kept the salary space and prepared for the new season. 

But SuperAce88 thinks that even if this trade was shut down, it’s still possible for a new negotiation in the mid-season.   

We think that the trade of two teams will restart sooner or later.

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